What Would Pussy Riot Do?
Anti-Folk mainstay Jeffrey Lewis is having a busy year. Not only has he released a collaborative album with bizarro-folk founding father Peter Stampfel (who just celebrated his 74th birthday yesterday, incidentally), hes also released the WWPRD E.P. and toured extensively with his band The Rain. The centerpiece of the E.P. is an idealistic, poetic tribute to Pussy Riot, the female punk band famously being held captive in Russia for the crime of staging a protest. Heres a partial transcription.
Pussy Riot went to prison
Just to make some people listen
They say church & states corrupt
It must be true cuz theyre locked up
Before we lose democracy
You ask yourself, and Ill ask me -

Put in jail for two years each
Just for punk rock public speech
What is this, the middle ages?
Let those women out of those cages
Before you choose complacency
You ask yourself, and Ill ask me -

Minds can open in a flash
when hit by art or hit by cash
Money wins as like as not
Imaginations all weve got
So lets just have the decency
For you to ask yourself, and Ill ask me -

Cause progress is not guaranteed
I say Pussy Riot is what we need
This aint the old Red Army Faction
This is bold, non-violent action
To change the world, the biggest hint is
art is really what convinces
Thats why they always try to buy it
But they couldnt buy off Pussy Riot
So when you see bands on TV
You ask yourself, and Ill ask me -
Jeffrey Lewis
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Pussy Riot