Корбелла Т.
Tito Corbella
Тито Корбелла (1885 - 1966), итальянский художник »
Illustrator, commercial artist, painter.
He worked in Venice.
His wife served as his model, the Edith Cavell series was his most important set.
Художник открыток. »
He became very famous for his postcards which had women and engaged couples as their subject, and which he began designing at the beginning of the first world war and continued to produce until the 20's.
Several series of 'little women' and 'fiances' ~1912-1918; several series for the national loan, 1915-1916; series 'Miss Cavell' printed in Great Britain.
Corbella produced more than 300 postcard designs depicting his great love, beautiful women of fashion and glamour. It's claimed that his wife was the inspiration for many of his works.
postal card »
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