Майно Ф.Х.Б.
Fray Juan Bautista Maino
Ф. Хуан Баутиста дель Майно (1578 - 1641), художник
Spanish painter (Madrid) »
The artist was trained in the studios of Toledo, and he became the drawing master of Philip IV. He stands apart from his colleagues in resisting the general predilection for dark settings with the light coming from a single or one principal source. The transparency of his colors and the brightness of his tones are combined with a very individual sense of space in which something of the late 16th century goes hand in hand with a love of realistic detail typical of the new age.
Художник открыток. »
postal card »
Поклонение волхвов
Adoration of the magi Поклонение пастухов
Adoration of the shepherds Поклонение пастухов
Adoration of the shepherds Pentecost Явление Богородицы доминиканскому монаху в Сериано
Virgin appears to a Dominican monk in Seriano