Твелвтрис Ч.
Charles H. Twelvetrees
Чарльз Твелвтрис ( - 1948), художник »
Charles H. Twelvetrees drawed children characters.
By the 1900s, in his early twenties, his "children" were being reproduced on postcards, calendars, and blotters.
In 1912 he illustrated a series of stories called "The Nibbler Boys," and in the same year, the magazine, Pictorial Review, retained his illustrative services exclusively.
In 1912...1927, Twelvetrees created over thirty magazine covers and inside illustrations of his famous children.
After his wife's death in the early 1920s, he devoted his life to his work: to create children and situations that would bring pleasure and a smile to the viewers of his art. His great love for children was exhibited in each piece he completed.
In the middle 1920s, Twelvetrees became even more famous when he designed the HEbee-SHEbee dolls which delighted youngsters and proved to be a very popular collector's item.
In 1948 figurines, cherished during his lifetime, have been once again exquisitely crafted by The Heirloom Tradition, to the delight of collectors world-wide.
Художник открыток. »
postal card »
Каждый раз, когда он смотрит в мои глаза
Every time he looks into my eyes Надеюсь, ты вскоре опустишься
Hope you'll drop in soon Пара колец, если вы одиноки
Ring twice if you're lonesome Счастливого дня рождения
A happy birthday Тебе понравился бы маленький шотландец? Тебе понравилось бы немножко виски?
Would you like a little Scotch?
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