Уптон Ф.К.
Florence Kate Upton
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From the late Victorian era onwards the Gollywog (originally spelt Golliwogg ) was one of Great Britain's most popular toys. Originally a children's book character modeled on a rag doll, he later appeared on postcards, as enamel badges, on china, even as a brand logo for Robertsons marmalade. In the second half of the twentieth century his popularity as a toy declined following discussion of the character as a racist and offensive caricature of Black people.

Gollywogg first appeared in 1895 in a children's book entitled "The Adventure of Two Dutch Dolls", the illustrator was Florence K Upton and the verse story was written by her mother Bertha. The book, which was an instant success, was soon reprinted with more illustrations and a revised title "The Adventure of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg" (the Project Gutenberg website has a free to download copy). A dozen further books featuring Gollywog swiftly followed.

The Uptons failed to copyright or otherwise protect the Gollywog and this resulted in a plethora of imitators. For the social historian and postcard collector this of course means that a considerable variety of Golly postcards can be found today. Almost every early 1900's image of Santa Claus with his sack of toys includes a Golly. Similarly there are many cards featuring children with their Gollywog dolls. However, it's the artist illustrated postcards in which Gollywog takes a central role that are the most sought after by collectors today.

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