Вайн Л.
Louis Wain
Луи Вайн (1860 - 1917), английский художник »
Louis Wain's works are the best of the fantasy cat postcards.
Wain’s early work, while strange to some, is dominated by fanciful imagery of cats dressed in human clothes or engaged in human activity. Considering that much of his work was political cartooning and illustrating for children’s books, the early work seems an adequate representation of his pre-schizophrenic period. Wain continued drawing cats for newspapers and children’s books.
"I take a sketch-book to a restaurant, or other public place, and draw the people in their different positions as cats, getting as near to their human characteristics as possible. This gives me doubly nature, and these studies I think, my best humorous work." - Louis Wain.

«Английские кошки, которые не выглядят или живут не так, как кошки Луиса Уэйна, стыдятся самих себя».

Художник открыток. »
postal card »
В театральной ложе
At the play Диаболо. Почти профессионал
Diabolo. Quite professional Лягушки играют в футбол
Frogs playing football Наш гольф-матч
Our golf match Наш клуб
Our club Наш футбольный матч
Our football match Наши скачки
Our races Три девочки из школы
Three little maids from school ?