Трудовой и климатический кризис
Labor and Climate Crisis
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25 мая 2022. Трудовой и климатический кризис: Настоятельная борьба за будущее
May 25, 2022. Labor and Climate Crisis: Urgent Struggle for the Future

Among the social crises we face are escalating environmental disasters related to the intensification of global warming. This is generated by the powerful forces of fossil-fuel capitalism that overwhelm government efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The resulting climate emergency poses a strategic challenge for socialists, who understand that only the working-class majority has the potential power to tip the balance toward survival. Conceptions of working-class power – advanced through strikes, mass struggle, and disruption – suggest themselves, but this is not yet the reality that exists.

Any hope for the future involves a convergence of labor and climate politics, connecting the fight to reduce emissions with the struggle for an economic transition providing decent jobs, living standards and quality of life for all. This convergence must become central to the working-class consciousness and class struggle of our time. How can we extend the climate fight inside our unions and workplaces? How can we build an effective coalition of labor, community, and environmentalist forces capable of tipping the balance toward survival?
Jeremy Brecher – Senior Strategic Advisor, Labor Network for Sustainability; author of labor history classic Strike! and of “The Green New Deal from Below”

Lauren Bianchi - member of Chicago Teachers Union (CTU); teaches in Southeast Chicago; active in the CTU Climate Justice Committee and was part of the fight in Southeast Chicago to deny General Iron a permit to place a metal shredder in that neighborhood.

Sean Petty - Registered Nurse, New York City; member New York State Nurses Association; long-time union climate activist.
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